Help Save Gjirokastra

The UNESCO World Heritage City of Gjirokastra needs your support to help sustain it as one of Albania’s greatest historic sites and to guarantee the inheritance of its future generations.  Here’s how you can help:

Visit Gjirokastra:  The future of the city is in the hands of its visitors and the only way that funds will be found for the necessary restoration and development is by increasing the numbers of people who visit the city.  Even the modest increase of the past few years has persuaded the Albanian government and international donors to release funds for current projects in the city. Make sure Gjirokastra is one of your stops in Albania to help save the stone city for the future!

Promote Gjirokastra to any organization that can help it. Contact the GF for advice on how to get these organizations involved. In order to understand more on the challenges of the town, please read the message from our Director.

Make an internship or volunteer: if you are a student of architecture, fine art, conservation or other related subjects, think of Gjirokastra as the perfect place for an internship.  The GF cannot provide funds for internships but will happily facilitate your stay and develop a programme to compliment your studies.  The same applies if you would like to volunteer.

If you wish to be part of the drive to save Gjirokastra in any other way please contact us at or

We would like to thank the following organizations who have already contributed towards the preservation of this unique city:
Packard Humanities Institute; The Butrint Foundation; The Headly Trust; EU; GIZ; SWEDEN; USAID  etc.